Cleaning by profession. Fire for passion.

Thanks to a tradition of passion and the commitment of four generations of business acumen, Facco products have been part of the evolution of Italian society always providing state-of-the-art solutions in line with the expectations and needs of a market in a constant state of change.


The story of Facco began more than 90 years ago, it sparkles, glitters and is at times even a little diabolic!

  1. The 50’s – Sparkling

    Favilla became an unparalleled success. An abrasive cloth that gave excellent results for that time and is still on the market today. From the same period came another brilliant idea: a product for cleaning chimney flues. Diavolina Spazzacamino arrives.

  2. The 60’s – Glittering

    Scintilla arrives on the market in the trail of Favilla, the high performance green abrasive fibre pad market leader. Along with Favilla, the Diavolina fire lighter cube soon became the most widely used in Italy.

  3. The 70’s – Revolutionary

    With public demonstrations in the streets and the referendum on divorce, more and more Italians decide to opt for the latest arrival: the revolutionary Dianex cloth, the first non-woven fabric.

  4. The 80’s – Diabolical

    Diavolina became a complete product line for lighting and maintaining fires, stoves etc. Word of mouth and advertising soon made them the market leaders.

  5. The 90’s – Awareness

    The growth of a new awareness of the environment results the development of the Diavolina Bio line, enzyme-based products for the maintenance of drains and septic tanks.

  6. The 00’s – Eco sustainability

    Diavolina becomes even greener. Green Line products are created. The first line of eco sustainable fire lighters made with 100% plant extract material.

  7. The 10’s – Nanotechnological

    A new frontier in innovation: nanotechnologies. The outcome – Ruk Nanotechnology, the nanotechnological protective treatment for surfaces. Because not dirtying is better than cleaning.

  8. 2014/5 – Stinging

    Facco is the exclusive distributor in Italy for Vulcano and Spira insecticides. The Diavolina Blue Line is presented: the new frontier for fire lighters is odourless.


  • Firelighters

    The most complete line for lighting and maintaining all types of fires, stoves and barbecues. And many more ready-for-use products.

  • Cleaning products

    Specific detergents for cleaning differing surfaces: stone, brick, glass, plastic, wood , grills and hobs. Spazzacamino solutions for maintaining chimney flues.

  • Cloths, sponges, abrasives

    Everything you could need for cleaning the home. Made from top quality innovative materials. Such as lipophilic microfibres that capture and retain grease.

  • Nanotechnologies

    A protective treatment that waterproofs surfaces which can be used in complete safety. We are the only ones that make it. It's called Ruk Nanotechnology.

  • Insects

    Whether they fly, crawl or hide in wardrobes makes no difference. Vulcano and Spira have solutions to protect the whole family from stings and infestations.

  • Filtering products

    Universal filters for extractor fan hoods to combat smells. Radiator cover filters that protect walls from staining and for healthier air.