Facco Spria

Solutions for every type of insect.

Spira is an Italian brand of domestic insecticides, distributed by Facco SpA.

From the same manufacturer of Vulcano mosquito repellants, Spira products offer solutions against all types of flying and crawling insects that can be found in the home.

Particularly wide is the choice of products against mosquitoes, with sprays and electro-diffusers with plates or liquid, and against crawling insects.

The Spira range is constantly evolving, with innovative products that enrich the catalog year after year, recently renewed in graphics and in the image, easily identifiable on the shelves for the unmistakable purple color.

Spira insects
Facco insects
Facco insects
Spira electro-diffusers and vaporizers

A brand specialized in domestic insecticides, with a complete range of solutions against flying and crawling insects, ranging from spray products to electro-sprayers.

Spira Insecticide
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