From our roots, the energy for a future-oriented growth.


Facco industrial group draws its origins from the family business, which since the 1920s knew how to be appreciated with its cleaning and household products in the local market, in northern Italy and subsequently throughout the country.

Between the 1960s and 1970s, Facco opened factories near Milan, where non-woven fabrics, consumer and professional abrasive fibers were produced and packaged, optimizing the production cycle and possible processes for its brands and third parties.

Facco SpA has historically been active in various sectors related to house cleaning, Diavolina® Fuoco products for fireplaces, stoves and barbecues, and professional cleaning with a dedicated division.

In the fire care sector, Facco firmly holds a national leadership position in addition to private brands of important Italian and European third-party distribution chains.

In more recent years, Facco expands its presence in the home care sector, becoming a distributor of important brands in the pest control and gardening sectors and developing a line of Home Perfumes.

Today Facco is present in the major channels, covering the large distribution market, drugstore, DIY, hardware, garden centers, with a natural attention to new forms of commerce.

Facco historic shop

The values that distinguish us

On the threshold of 100 years of activity, we can say that the seriousness, the attention of the owner management to their company have allowed a homogeneous and constant growth that has allowed it to diversify its offer.


a renewed tradition and an activity of almost 100 years.


combining past formulas with current and future needs.


the quality of a person, like that of a company, can be seen from the seriousness and precision of one’s service.


Business Units




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Our business units

  • FACCO SPA – HQ – Milan

  • Facco SpA Homesale home wares – Milan

  • Facco Logistic Unit – Tribiano
  • Facco Manifatture industriali – Tribiano
  • Fibratesco – Floor Pads and abrasive fibers – Tribiano

Facco SpA Business Units