Facco SpA is the owner of some historical brands of the home and of the Diavolina brand, absolute leader in the fire sector. In addition to the proprietary brands, Facco distributes exclusively in the national territory, such as those in the pest control and gardening sectors.

Diavolina Fuoco 200
Diavolina Linea Verde 200
Diavolina Linea Blu 200
Diavolina Giardino
Diavolina Fiamme


Dianex 190


Dianex has been among the pioneers of TNT (non-woven fabric) cloths in Italy since the early 1970s. Today it offers a complete range of products for home and professional use.


A line of solutions to perfume and furnish the home with style, with design diffusers and elegant scented candles in exclusive fragrances.

Scintilla 200


One of the historic Facco brands, is the reference brand for fibers and abrasive sponges.

Favilla 200


The abrasive cloth cotton Favilla shines the house for over 60 years, thanks to the effectiveness of its formula enhanced with lemon, still appreciated throughout Italy.

Mirella 200


Mirella is the Facco brand specialized in pure cellulose sponge cloths. Today flanked by innovative ecological versions with plastic-free packaging.

Ruk 200


Ruk is the rust remover famous for its stain removal action, also used in the professional field to remove the signs of rust from surfaces and fabrics.

Spira Green 200