Facco vaporizers
Spira platelets
tablets diffusers

Electro-diffusers with tablets.

Spira offers a wide range of electric diffusers, with tabs available in various sizes and fragrances, with new PMC formulations also effective against the tiger mosquito.


Dual-use vaporizers: tablets and liquid.

Liquid refill emanators are a practical solution for those who want a prolonged and constant action without having to replace the tabs. Spira dual-use vaporizers work with both tablets and liquid refills. With the latter, they provide 45 nights of protection or 15 days of uninterrupted protection 24 hours a day.

Spira biuso vaporizers
electric diffusers

Spira Green essential oils electric diffusers.

For those who prefer not to use insecticidal substances in domestic environments, Spira Green offers solutions based on essential oils, which leverage the properties of lemongrass, whose scent is unwelcome to insects.

Spira Green offer the convenience of the tablet format or liquid essence, to be diffused in the environment exclusively with the special Spira Green device (common emanators for insecticides are not compatible).

Spira platelets
Spira Green diffusers
room diffusers

Spira Green diffusers with essential oils.

Spira Green is also a line of home fragrances with an elegant wooden diffuser to release its natural fragrance based on essential oils, including lemongrass, into the rooms.

The Spira Green diffusers with citronella for interiors are offered in different mixes of fragrances.