Facco soothing after puncture
Facco Stick soothing mosquitoes
Soothing sticks after puncture

Soothing lotions with essential oils.

Facco offers different formulations of soothing lotions to reduce the discomfort and redness caused by insect bites.

Produced with 100% natural formulations based on essential oils, they are available in a practical stick format that is easy to apply and can also be used on sensitive skin such as those of children.

Natural soothing stick lotions are available in the Dherma & Salutae, Spira Body Natural Care and Pink Spira, the range dedicated to sensitive skin.

special jellyfish

For jellyfish irritations.

To soothe the burning of the skin coming into contact with a jellyfish, the Spira Body line offers a special ammonia-based stick that soothes redness, giving immediate relief.

Facco soothing jellyfish