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Dherma & Salutae and Spira Body Nat care citronella

For those who care about their skin.

Spira Natural Body Care and Dherma & Salutae lotions, with their citronella based formulas, are ideal for sensitive skin. They exploit the intrinsic characteristics of the citronella fragrance, notoriously unwelcome to mosquitoes, for a completely natural action without the use of biocidal substances.

spira Body LEMON GRASS and PINK Spira

Lemongrass solutions for the whole family.

Among the most innovative Spira products, stand out in natural formulation product line Speyer Body and Pink Spira, who exploit the proven effectiveness of essential oils made from lemongrass .

The offer includes solutions for the whole family and specific products for younger children: spray lotions, wipes, bracelets and patches to be applied to strollers, clothes, furniture, etc.

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