Facco nourishment of flowers and plants
Cifo Verde urbano liquid fertilizers
liquid fertilizers

The right nourishment for each plant.

Born from the Cifo experience, VERDE URBANO liquid fertilizers offer the consumer the guarantee of the best result, because they offer the highest concentration of NPK nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) on the market, with the addition of trace elements and elements necessary for the correct development of the plant. Available in 1 kg or 500 gr bottles.

granular fertilizers

A perfect dosage even in granules.

VERDE URBANO granular fertilizers represent the most convenient solution for taking care of pot plants , because they are extremely easy to use and release gradually

the nourishment necessary for proper development throughout the entire vegetative cycle.

Compared to the lower quality products (where the single grains are entirely made up of Nitrogen, Phosphorus or Potassium), each granule of VERDE URBANO fertilizer already contains the right proportion of nutrients, thus ensuring an always perfect dosage.

Verde urbano 17 / 5000 granular fertilizers