Spira Green

Natural solutions to essential oils – not PMC

The Spira range has diversified over the years, to propose an offer more and more qualified and specific to the different security needs.

Spira Green products are based on the action of essential oils such as lemongrass, which are notoriously unpleasant to annoying insects.

Starting from this natural principle, the Spira laboratories have developed an exclusive formula that adds essential oils of lavender, eucalyptus and lemon to lemongrass, obtaining a pleasant fragrance for humans but equally unpleasant for mosquitoes.

Being 100% natural products, Spira Green products are not PMC, on the contrary they are classified as “cosmetics”. Their use is totally harmless to the health of people and pets.

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Spira Green products are available both for domestic environments, in the form of furnishing diffusers or electric diffusers, and for the garden and the open air.

The ecological and cruelty-free alternative to traditional insecticides, with products that exploit the natural properties of essential oils, without using harmful substances or biocides.

Spira Green products
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