During the year, the catalogs Facco have been completely re-engineered to better present the increasingly wide range of household products.

Today there is a new presentation kit, consisting of a large binder that meets inside the brochures of the various brands:

  • a brochure presenting Facco, which includes all the new products of the year
  • catalog Diavolina Fuoco, with solutions for stoves, fireplaces, barbecue, garden furniture
  • catalog Facco consumer, including all the household references (Dianex, Spark and abrasive Favilla, filtration products, organic products Diavolina Bio, Ruk, Mirella, Ruk Nanotechnology)
  • catalog Spira/Vulcano, insecticides for indoor and outdoor (forthcoming)

The first benefit of having a single display system consists of first opportunity to keep up to date materials, going to supplement or replace the individual catalogs as they are modified.

All new catalogs are now made with omega points, so they can be incorporated without difficulty in the ring binder. However, the binder can also include the classical laminated A4 envelopes for price lists, brochures, offers and other documents, allowing all agents Facco a more rational use of all the information and promotional material.