Dianex Assorbitutto Car care

Dianex Assorbitutto represents the technological evolution of deer skin. Equally soft, but infinitely more absorbent, it allows to clean and dry quickly - and without leaving the body - not just the bodywork but also the interior of the car. Assorbitutto Car is also available in the elegant tube pack. Look for car care articles. And remember, you can also use it for all the surfaces of the house, because it's Super in everything!

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Dianex Assorbitutto is the new range of SuperCloths with extraordinary absorption capacity, light years ahead compared to traditional cloths.
Made of a special synthetic micro-perforated leather (polyvinyl alcohol – PVA), they have the ability to perfectly clean and dry the surfaces.
SuperFast, SuperResistent and easy to wrinkle, are ideal for glass, crystal, car body and for all domestic surfaces.

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