On June 13, 2015, during the Open Polish Championship BBQ, the international championship of barbecue that brought together the best pitmaster across Europe, thousands of fans have created the largest barbecue in the world.

In the presence of the inspectors of the Guinness World Record, 2,850 people grilled simultaneously using Diavolina firelighters, breaking the record of 2,801 people, previously established in China by a group of students.

The exploit has not been without difficulty, since shortly before the record attempt, it turned out that were missing one hundred grillers. Fortunately, social networks have allowed to resolve the situation in time.

In all this, the products Diavolina have played a role as absolute protagonists. As a sponsor of the record attempt, Diavolina has in fact provided the participants with all the kindling necessary to enter the book of records.