Protective treatments for surfaces

Ruk Nanotechnology is completely new to the home care sector and is the results of Italian research into nanotechnologies.

Ruk Nanotechnology is not a line of detergents. It is instead a protective treatment that can waterproof and protect a huge variety of materials, both indoors and out, against grease, stains, dirt and freezing weather. This protection lasts over time as it creates a protective layer which binds to the material below and does not break away during normal, daily cleaning.

This is the first surface protective treatment that was designed with these specific characteristics which can be bought through traditional outlets. Ruk treatment is both environmentally friendly and biodegradable; no particular precautions are needed when applying it as it does not contain allergens or substances that are irritating or harmful to the health.

Ruk Nanotechnology treatment has many applications and comes in a universal version or in formulations that are optimised foe different materials: wood, hard surfaces and floors, hide and fabrics. A special cleaner is also available which features silver ions without surfactants. This is ideal for preparing surfaces before treatment and can also be used as a normal detergent for everyday cleaning purposes.