Consumer products

Facco specialises in the domestic cleaning sector with differing historic brand names such as Favilla, Scintilla and Dianex. The company also produces and distributes filtration products such as Scintilla filters and the ever popular Mangiafumo radiator covers. All their high quality "Made in Italy" products are manufactured in the Facco factories just outside Milan.

Diavolina lead the way in the consolidated Italian market for fire lighters for grills, stoves and barbecues and this brand name is one of the best known in many European countries.

Among the most recent innovations, is the Ruk Nanotechnology product line which is the forerunner of the company's nanotechnologies: it is not a detergent but a revolutionary protective treatment which waterproofs surfaces and delays deterioration.

Facco has also been distributing Vulcano and Spira products for several years. These brand names are not just famed for the classic “zampironi” (mosquito repellent coils), but also for their innovative solutions against all types of insects.