Our brands


    Simply put - fire lighters by their very name (Devil Sticks)(Wikipedia).
    Absolute leader in Italy, the Diavolina fire lighter product line offers a vast range of solutions for lighting and maintaining fires, stoves and barbecues.
    Over the years, the brand has branched out.
    Alongside the Diavolina Fuoco line, we now have the Diavolina Green Line (eco sustainable fire lighters), Diavolina Garden (products for barbecues and the garden), the Diavolina Blue Line (odourless fire lighters).


    Diavolina Bio is an alternative eco sustainable solution for problems like incrustation or foul smells of organic origin from pipes and septic tanks.


    An historic brand name which was the first great success of the Facco company. An abrasive cotton cloth which is still very much appreciated by consumers throughout Italy.


    Scintilla is the brand name of reference as regards fibre pads and abrasive sponges. As well as traditional green fibres, Scintilla offers a great variety of sponges and abrasive fibre pads that also come in large sizes for the professional market.


    Dianex came to the market in the 70s and was the instant market leader in non-woven fabrics. The Dianex range now includes dozens of specialised products for all surfaces with items for the professional sector.


    A range of cellulose sponge cloths that offer great value for money.

  • RUK

    A unique product for removing signs of rust from numerous surfaces and fabrics. Much loved by professional dry cleaners.


    A traditional product that doesn't know what the word recession means. The classic radiator filter cover that is always much in demand.


    Brand names owned by Zobele SpA and distributed exclusively in Italy by Facco since 2014. These include a complete range of domestic insecticides foe indoor and outdoor use.