About us


Facco SpA was founded in Milan in 1923 and has always had a very strong bond with that area where it still has production sites, logistics and offices. The company now operates in many sectors and successfully exports the “Made in Italy” brand to dozens of countries around the world.

Facco SpA operates in different sectors connected with domestic cleaning, products for fires and grills with a specialised division dedicated to the world of professional cleaning.

Thanks to a tradition of passion and the commitment of four generations of business acumen, Facco products have been part of the evolution of Italian society always providing state-of-the-art solutions in line with the expectations and needs of a market in a constant state of change.

Nowadays, the company's priority is to develop high performance, eco sustainable products. Products which are manufactures in three modern plants on the outskirts of Milan and lead the market for their level of automation and which meet all the most stringent safety and environmental protection standards.

The evolution of the Facco range over recent years is quite simply proof of the company philosophy in action.

Fire lighters are made using only raw materials of plant extraction. Nanotechnological treatments which protect surfaces without the need of substances which can harm the health and which reduces the use of detergents. More time than ever given to innovation therefore more attention paid to the quality of life and to protecting nature.

The "Made in Italy" concept can only continue to thrive if we follow the path of innovation and quality.